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Treatment of gas

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We treat the North Sea gas at our plant in Uithuizen.

The natural gas extracted from the connected production platforms offshore is transported through our offshore pipeline network to our treatment plant in Uithuizen. The gas is further dried and brought to the desired specification by NGT. After treatment we deliver the gas into the Dutch national grid (GTS).

Our onshore activities

On our treatment plant in Uithuizen we make the gas suitable for use in households and industry. The process on our plant includes the following steps:

  • The natural gas extracted from the North Sea is transported to the NGT processing plant in Uithuizen via offshore pipeline systems. Natural gas comes from different fields with different qualities and compositions.
  • During the process, the higher hydrocarbons - presented in the gas - condense into liquid natural gas condensate (a type of light petroleum). This condensate is stored at Noordgastransport in four storage tanks.
  • After treatment, the quality and quantity of the gas are measured through fiscal metering and delivered to the national grid.

After treatment we deliver the gas to the Dutch gas network.
Delivery pipeline to GTS system