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A sustainable future

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Need for change

The North Sea is becoming a major European hub for sustainable energy and NGT is already there - with knowledge, experience and future-proof assets.

Joining hands with industry partners & government.

After the energy transition from coal to natural gas, there is now a need for a new change. The industry is joining hands with governmental partners to induce another energy transition: towards an integrated sustainable energy system.

Getting ready for hydrogen

NGT already owns and operates a pipeline through the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. Initially designed for natural gas, it can be repurposed for other energy solutions, such as the transportation of hydrogen. NGT intends to offer hydrogen transportation services to the market in the area we operate including the connecting wind farms. We will continue to offer our services on equal and transparent terms. We embrace the open access principle we have been working with since 1975.

NGTs infrastructure can accommodate about 10-14 GW.
NGTs favourable location in relation to offshore wind areas and connection to the onshore backbone

A relief to the environment

Our network allows the accelerated development of wind farms further offshore. When hydrogen is produced offshore (via electrolysis), the existing NGT pipeline system can be used to bring it to shore. NGTs infrastructure can be operational around 2030 and eventually accommodate about 10-14 GW of offshore wind and thereby facilitate the Netherlands in achieving its climate goals.

Repurposing NGTs assets also significantly reduces environmental impact. Installing new pipelines in vulnerable ecosystems such as the Wadden Sea is therefore not necessary: we are already there!