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NGT brings energy ashore

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NGT brings energy ashore

NGT is a Dutch company that owns and operates a pipeline network of nearly 500 kilometers in the Dutch North Sea for almost 50 years. NGT operates an open-access system, available to all offshore gas producers on equal and transparent terms. By transforming the existing infrastructure into an integrated offshore hydrogen backbone, we can accelerate the development of green hydrogen through offshore electrolysis.

NGT is ready for the energy transition.

NGT is ready for the energy transition: studies - conducted by DNV-GL and Bureau Veritas - showed no showstoppers to repurpose our pipelines for the transportation of hydrogen. NGT is in the process of certifying its pipelines for hydrogen transportation offshore.

An offshore hydrogen backbone by repurposing existing infrastructure

We aim to facilitate offshore hydrogen production and can achieve this goal by transforming our existing infrastructure into an integrated offshore hydrogen backbone. We believe that large-scale offshore hydrogen production (electrolysis) will accelerate the growth, scaling and implementation of the hydrogen economy, as it will become more affordable by reusing existing infrastructure.

Our network enables the accelerated development of hydrogen production on wind farms further offshore. Our infrastructure is ready to bring green energy ashore when hydrogen is produced offshore. NGTs hydrogen infrastructure can be operational around 2030 and accommodate about 10-14 GW of offshore wind and will accelerate the energy transition and contribute to achieving the climate goals.

Landing in the greater Eemshaven area, NGTs backbone can easily be connected to the onshore hydrogen backbone.

A relief to the environment

Large-scale offshore hydrogen production will significantly contribute to the Dutch climate agreement, the increased 2022 goals and the European Green Deal, Fit for 55 and RePowerEU ambitions. Repurpose of NGTs assets has enormous environmental benefits: there is no impact on the vulnerable ecosystems of the North Sea and Wadden Sea. We are already there!