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Transport of gas

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Natural gas comes from different fields and operators with different qualities and compositions. The L10-AR (riser platform) is grown into a central hub receiving gas from various connecting pipelines. The L10-AC (compressor platform) allows compression of the gas, increasing the system's capacity if required.

We bring around 30% of the Dutch North Sea gas ashore.

Our offshore activities

NGT has the following facilities offshore: 

  • Riser platform in block L10 (L10-AR): connection and hub for pipeline to shore.
  • Compressor station placed on a separate platform (L10-AC) next to the riser platform, to optimally use the capacity of the pipelines. 
  • A 178 kilometer long transportation pipeline on the sea bed with a diameter of 36 inch (about 90 centimeters) which runs from the offshore blocks L10 / L11 (L10-A Riser platform) to Uithuizen. Four other pipelines are also connected to this main pipeline, originating from blocks K6/K9, K12-B, L8G/L11, and G17. NGT also owns these pipelines. In 1999, the primary pipeline connection was extended with 140 kilometers. This 36 inch extension connects block D15 with the riser platform.

The natural gas goes to shore under high pressure (about 80 bar). The gas is further treated and brought to specification at NGTs treatment plant in Uithuizen.

Left: L10-AC compressor platform and L10-AR riser platform