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Our assets

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Our company was founded in 1973 to transport and treat natural gas produced from the first Dutch offshore platform. Over the years, we expanded our pipeline system to transport gas produced by various gas operators in the North Sea. The gas comes ashore at our process plant in Uithuizen, where the gas is treated and delivered to the national grid. 

Our most valuable asset is without a doubt our people!

Our people

Our employees are without a doubt NGTs most important asset. The team has safely operated our offshore pipeline system for almost 50 years. We maintain this excellent performance through continuous training, hiring highly qualified technical professionals, focusing strongly on our HSEQ requirements. NGT is a certified learning company for VAPRO process operators. Furthermore, we strive to offer our people the best working conditions and a healthy work environment. 

Our pipelines

Our network of pipelines in the North Sea is a crucial asset for the Dutch energy supply. With almost 500 kilometers of offshore infrastructure and a natural gas throughput of approximately 3 billion Nm3  per year. We transport about 30% of the offshore gas production, close to 10% of the national gas consumption. Our pipelines have the capacity to transport about 14 GW of wind energy converted to hydrogen in the future.

NGT pipelines North Sea (red)

Our platforms 

NGT owns the first platforms in the Dutch North Sea located in the L-10 block. The L10-AR (riser platform) is grown into a central hub receiving gas from various connecting pipelines. The L10-AC (compressor platform) compresses the gas, increasing the system's capacity.

L10-block: left L10-AC & L10-AR

Our process

Onshore, we own and operate a treatment plant in Emmapolder near Uithuizen. Here, the natural gas arriving under high pressure is further dried and brought to national grid specifications. The natural gas condensate is separated from the natural gas. The natural gas is delivered to the GTS network, while the gas condensate (comparable to light petrol) is stored at the plant. At Roodeschool, condensate is not stored but immediately shipped in specially designated train wagons and transferred to its destination. NGT also has the option to transport the condensate from the plant by trucks.

NGT treatment plant Uithuizen

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