Response of Noordgastransport (NGT) to SodM’s advice for relocation of Roodeschool facility

• Roodeschool

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For some time society has expressed the wish to relocate the condensate loading facility of NGT in Roodeschool.

Ron Hagen, director of NGT: “NGT understands these concerns about our facility in the village. When NGT was established in Roodeschool in 1974, this was the nearest train station, at that time, so a logical choice to load and discharge the condensate by rail. However, we fully understand that today our business activities are viewed differently and that a loading station near a village center is considered less desirable. We will therefore continue our discussions on the possibilities for a relocation in good faith with all parties involved. In addition, a number of observations have recently been made by SodM that require adjustment. NGT is working to address these points as soon as possible.”

NGT Roodeschool facility

About NGT B.V.

NGT B.V. owns and operates a pipeline infrastructure in the North Sea of ​​approximately 500 kilometers. For almost 50 years, NGT has brought about 30% of the natural gas produced in the Dutch North Sea ashore. After the gas treatment in its factory in Uithuizen, NGT supplies the gas to the national gas transport network. This releases so-called natural gas condensate, a substance comparable to gasoline.

NGT explores how its offshore infrastructure can be used in the future to support and accelerate the energy transition for example by enabling large-scale green hydrogen production. The existing infrastructure could expectedly be reused and transformed into an integrated offshore hydrogen backbone. NGT continues to bring energy ashore.