Natural gas treatment

The natural gas extracted from the North Sea is transported to the Noordgastransport processing location in Uithuizen via offshore pipeline systems. The natural gas comes from different fields with different qualities and compositions.

The natural gas comes to shore under high pressure. The extracted gas contains unusable and/or harmful substances. The gas is further dried and brought to specification by Noordgastransport.

During the pressure reduction in the gas treatment installation (expansion) the higher hydrocarbons present in the gas condense in the form of natural gas condensate (a type of light petroleum).

This condensate is stored at Noordgastransport in four storage tanks.

From these storage tanks the condensate is transported in batches through another pipeline system to the railway loading station in Roodeschool. Natural gas condensate is similar to petroleum in terms of hazard properties with regard to flammability, explosive strength and toxicity.

To remove the last traces of water vapor from the gas, it is further dried.