Natural gas transport

Once the natural gas has been extracted from the continental shelf of the North Sea, it is dried on the L10-A Riser platform making it anhydrous to a dew point of 4 °C and thus ready for transportation to shore.

For this transportation Noordgastransport has the following facilities:

  • Assembly platform in block L10 (L10-A Riser platform) in the North Sea.

  • Compressor station placed on a separate platform next to the L10-A Riser platform, in order to optimally utilize the capacity of the pipelines.

  • A 178 kilometer long transportation pipeline on the sea bed with a diameter of approximately 90 centimeters, that runs from the offshore blocks L10 / L11 (L10-A Riser platform) to Uithuizen. Four other pipelines are also connected to this main pipeline, namely those originating from blocks K6 / K9, K12-B, L8-G, L11 and G17. These pipelines are also owned by Noordgastransport. In 1999, the main pipeline connection was extended by an additional 140 kilometers. This extension also has a diameter of approximately 90 centimetres and connects block D15 with the L10-A Riser platform.

The natural gas with the gas condensate which is also produced during the production process, is transported via the assembly platform and the 178 kilometer long pipeline to shore, where the gas is brought to the desired specification.

L10-A complex

The L10-A complex manages a large amount of the gas produced by the Dutch continental shelf.


Noordgastransport has the following onshore facilities:

  • The natural gas and condensate treatment plant in the Emmapolder at Uithuizen for the purification and drying of the gas that is transported via the pipeline.

  • The 8 kilometer long condensate transportation pipeline with a diameter of 15 centimeters, which runs from the treatment plant in Uithuizen into the railway-yard at Roodeschool.

  • The loading installation on the railway-yard at Roodeschool for the handling of the supplied natural gas condensate into the tank wagons.

Noordgastransport processes the treated and delivered mixture of natural gas and condensate on behalf of the various producers. The quantity of the natural gas is determined by the contracts that these producers have closed with their customers. The gas supply by Noordgastransport depends on these contracts and will therefore vary.