Condensate loading

Not only natural gas but also other substances are extracted during the production process of the gas on the North Sea. These substances are removed from the gas by the installation of Noordgastransport. The result is usable natural gas and natural gas condensate. Natural gas condensate is best compared to petroleum. Generally speaking it has approximately the same hazardous properties with regards to flammability, explosivity and toxicity.

The natural gas condensate is stored in large tanks at the Emmapolder location. The natural gas condensate is transported on demand via a pipeline that runs from the Emmapolder to the railway loading station in Roodeschool. There, the natural gas condensate is directly loaded into the railway tank wagons as there is no intermediate storage facility. Each time (3-4 times per week) about 600 cubic meters of natural gas condensate is shipped.

There are on average between 4 to 8 railway tank wagons during each shipment, each with a capacity of 80 m3. Once filled, the train will leave the railway-yard as soon as possible.

When loading into the railway tank wagons, the natural gas condensate will push out the remaining vapor inside the tank. As of June 2007 this vapor is converted into electricity by means of an incinerator.