Update about the loading of natural gas condensate

• Roodeschool

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Update about the loading of natural gas condensate

September 12, 2022 - The State Supervision of the Mines (SSM/SodM) in the Netherlands has lifted the previous shutdown of loading activities at the Roodeschool facilities of Noordgastransport (NGT) on August 5th. This step was taken after all proposed adjustments were made on site. In recent weeks, NGT has also preventively supplied the second track where the loading of the condensate could (possibly) take place with new gravel.

Next steps

After the shutdown at the end of May 2022, NGT found an alternative for the loading of the natural gas condensate, namely via trucks. The impact of this solution cannot be underestimated; the loading of natural gas condensate is crucial for keeping the NGT pipeline open in the North Sea. Through this pipeline, approximately 3 billion cubic meters of natural gas are brought ashore from the Dutch North Sea every year. This is equivalent to about 7.5% of the Netherlands' total natural gas demand. If NGT would not have been able to resume the loading of condensate, the entire NGT pipeline would have had to be enclosed. Obviously, this would have negative effects for the energy supply of the Netherlands. Hence, NGT has done everything in its power to prevent this from happening and to allow the loading activities to resume. The protection of the environment, as well as the safety of our employees have the highest priority at NGT, regardless of the location of operations and the mode of transport.

Since loading via trucks is now running smoothly, NGT prefers to continue this for the time being. Meanwhile, consultations with various stakeholders about the relocation of Roodeschool are in full swing. Despite the fact that the discontinuation of loading at Roodeschool has been completely lifted, it is not NGT's intention to resume loading at Roodeschool for the time being. We consider Roodeschool primarily as a backup option if other means of loading are not possible. Whereas Roodeschool fulfills this backup role for NGT, we have also decided to replace the gravel bed on our second track, in order to safeguard that - should it be necessary - our loading station is in optimum condition to fulfill this backup role.

NGT has been based in Roodeschool since 1974.