Noordgastransport B.V. was established in 1973 for the treatment and transportation of natural gas that was produced in the L10-block in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. Later, these activities were expanded upon to include the transportation and treatment of natural gas that was produced by third parties outside the Dutch continental shelf.

Noordgastransport B.V. (NGT) processes and supplies a substantial portion of the natural gas that is extracted from the Dutch continental shelf and beyond. After treatment, the gas is delivered to the pipeline network of Gas Transport Services B.V., which manages the national gas transportation network.

In total Noordgastransport B.V. owns approximately 470 kilometers of pipelines with a daily gas transportation capacity of approximately 42 million Nm3. The company plays an important role in the delivery of natural gas that is consumed both within and outside the Netherlands.

We treat and transport natural gas

Our Pipelines

Facts & Figures

Total length of pipelines +/- 470 km
Total pipeline capacity +/- 42 million Nm3 a day
Annual gas throughput +/- 9 billion Nm3
Terminal capacity 50 million Nm3 gas a day
800 m3 natural gas condensate a day
Treatment process Cooling agent propane
System availability 99.83% since 1991